Legacy File Servers Combined with Cloud Collaboration!

Security or Mobility?

Enhance Mobility with Remote Mobile Access and File Sharing to Existing File Servers without the Need for a VPN.

We Will Help You:

Replace existing file server with cloud file server or hybrid cloud configurations.

Migrate file server to cloud without disruption while maintaining busines continuity.

Map your network drive to the cloud for secure access from anywhere and any device.

Gain mobile remote access to file server local shares without the need for a VPN.

Major Data Concerns

Many file storage and sharing tools fail to meet the security requirements crucial to businesses.

Dropbox is known as the world's first smart workspace and many people enjoy the convenience and ease of use.

Dropbox is a common workaround solution which is great if your willing to ignore 3 big data concerns:

No Internet No Problem

When cloud service providers discuss data availability, they usually talk about data replication within different zones of the same data center. However, to use the cloud storage services, the Internet has to be reliable to deliver the service. What if you lose Internet connectivity to file servers in the cloud? A better approach will be for local on-premise file server and remote cloud storage service to setup a bi-directional replication link so they backup each other.

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