SparkCloud focuses on providing on demand access to documents and "work spaces" for enhanced security & control. We help small to medium sized businesses increase productivity and collaboration without sacrificing security of data. We help our clients increase productivity and collaboration while allowing them to have the same workflow whether they are in the office, home or at a clients site!

Why Cloud File Sharing?

Its time to enjoy the mobility of the cloud without the risk, lack of control or headaches.

Our solution offers the mobility of the cloud along with the security and compliance of your existing file server or an online file server that you can begin using immediately and create your access control and permissions there!

If your business was not coonsidering a cloud solution before, chances are that changed after the world was hit by the COVID-19 crisis.

Now more than ever the benefits of the cloud are becoming clear and essential to the modern business.

Reap the benefits of increased remote worker productivity and simplify remote access with a combination of features like drive mapping, file locking, version control and user friendly, mobile-first web browsers and mobile apps.

We provide cloud solutions for small to midsize businesses with 10-500 employees that rely on servers, computers, network, mobile devices, tablets and internet to run daily business operations.

They usually use one or more business apps (on-premise or in the cloud) that are specific to their line of business.